Look ahead for long term mutually beneficial business ahead.


Look ahead for long term mutually beneficial business ahead.

International Outsoucing

International outsourcing has quickly become the future for many corporations. Ampower Outsourcing recognizes that outsourcing can be very challenging and cumbersome due geographical distances, various cultural differences, time zones, logistics and communication. Ampower Outsourcing has developed a one of a kind solution for these global business challenges.

Cost Effectiveness

Outsourcing allows your company to dramatically scale its efforts with minimal increase of internal overhead. In addition, technology and personnel can be a huge burden. Effective outsourcing will allow you to concentrate on running your business, while Ampower Outsourcing and its associated call centers & companies manage your customer contact operations, while balancing cost savings and quality.

Ampower Outsourcing Project Management

Ampower Outsourcing is a collaborative group of experienced call center & IT professionals, specializing in outsourcing. We facilitate communication, performance, reporting and direct management at the call center site and provide hands-on representation on behalf of our corporate clients.

Ampower Outsourcing provides expertise with all phases on your companys outsourcing initiative: Documents the process Conducts review of internal and external processes Gathers pertinent data Evaluates key areas of leverage Defines and understands work-flow Implements and executes metric and capabilities assessments onshore, near shore or offshore Performs the analysis Works with your team during implementation and testing and after going live Measures, monitors and optimizes requirements to achieve your business success

About Us

Ampower Outsourcing is a leading Global provider of outsourced business services and technology solutions with expertise in customer management.


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