This means clients can draw upon any and all of our services.

Data Services

Ampower Outsourcing designs, builds and operates world-class technology enabled business solutions. We are a service-oriented company built on the principle of technology delivery through adaptability, customer intimacy and teamwork. Our flexible approach enables us to respond to client requirements in a way that best suits their immediate and anticipated circumstances. This means clients can draw upon any and all of our services:-

Data Entry Services

Organizations and companies need to process a rapidly growing amount of information and the preferred way

is to outsource data entry work to offshore locations, as it is cost effective and faster.

The trend of data outsourcing has dramatically accelerated in recent times due to reason of increase in internet connectivity and communications, scanning, data processing devices and the opportunity for competitive advantages created by 24 hrs business. We offer most comprehensive range of high quality and low cost services ideally to high volume applications.

We offer:

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Image Entry
  • Insurance Claim Processing

Our team of data entry experts are dedicated to provide complete and accurate entry and conversion services to our clients at lowest and turn-around-time.

Data Processing Services

Data processing deals in digitization, capture and processing of data that originates from various sources.

We offer customized data processing services that match with international standards in term of precision and timely execution.

We covers the entire spectrum of data processing outsourcing services as mentioned:

  • Forms Processing
  • Check Processing
  • Check Processing
  • Image Processing
  • Data Mining .

Data Conversion Services

Data is one the most important part of an organization and also updation,

data stored in old systems is imported to new database through translation from one format to another. It can range from a simple to complex procedure when non relational data needs to be imported, validated and split into multiple tables in new relational database structure.

We have a rich pool of human resources and latest technologies like high speed scanners and data processing servers to provide our clients with best of the services, besides converting we also meet your exact formatting needs through the multi-level process. We have the expertise and capacity to handle most complex, time critical and cost sensitive data entry and conversion process.

We offer all types of data conversion services including:

  • Book Conversion
  • Document conversion
  • HTML Conversion
  • PDF Conversion

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