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We have upheld this site as a facility for our customers and by using our site you have agreed to the following terms of use. Following are the terms and conditions, kindly read them carefully, and notify any changes accordingly. If you do not agree to the conditions, then you should refrain from accessing this site quite often.

Acceptance of Agreement

You agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document in accordance to our site "Ampower Outsourcing". This Pact establishes the entire agreement between the concerned parties, and supersedes all prior, current or coexistent agreements and understandings with respect to the sites content, products, features or services provided by the Site. This Agreement may be under scrutiny by the companys law team at any time and from time to time without specific notice to you. The latest Agreement will be posted on the Site, and you should review this Agreement prior to using the Site.


By becoming an honorable member of Ampower Outsourcing, you approve that the material provided in the sign up form is true and to the best of your knowledge. Kindly note that your membership can be withdrawn without notice if it is found that the information provided is incorrect, misleading and violates the terms of use of this site. If membership has been revoked, Ampower Outsourcing reserves the right to refuse application or readmission to the membership program.

Limited Right to Use

The viewing and downloading of any text, form or document from the Site grants you only a limited, nonexclusive license for use solely by us for your own personal use and not for publication, dissemination, project, sublicense, transaction, preparation of plagiaristic works or other use. No part of the information found on this site is for the purpose of reproduction in any form or incorporated into any information system, electronic or mechanical, other than for your personal use but not for resale or redistribution.

Editing, Deleting and Modification

The company reserves the right to delete, remove, alter or modify any content, text, image, document or other content appearing on the Site, including this Agreement, without further notice to users of the Site.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of our online site, the areas of expertise we have hands on experience on, and the products listed, Ampower Outsourcing have a strict no return policy for any product because all the products once purchased are downloadable and once returned would not have any significance to the company. Hence return policy can be considered null and void for this site.

Refund Policy

The academic solution system possessed by Ampower Outsourcing.com is handled by humans at the back end. As humans are prone to error making hence you might see or observe some calculation mistakes or sometimes wrong solution files attached with a question. For this purpose Ampower Outsourcing has a refund policy for the following areas of occurrences and refund can be obtained by the end user in case any of the following mishap takes place:

  1. If the answer in the file is incorrect.
  2. If the answer in the file is inconsistent
  3. If the calculations are not correct or the customer is charged more or less than the required amount.

Exchange of Solution File

Here the meaning of the exchange policy is that a new solution would be sent to the user if the following areas are not met by the solution purchased:

  1. A wrong file is attached within the solution.
  2. Quality of the solution is not up to the mark. In this case our quality assurance team will have a look at the quality of the solution and if found violating the quality, a new solution would be sent to the concerned party

Cancellation of Order File

Due to the nature of our online site, the areas of expertise we have hands on experience on, and the downloadable products listed, Solution Inn have a strict no cancellation policy for any product because all the products once purchased are downloadable and once cancelled would not have any significance to the company. Hence cancellation of any order can be considered null and void for this site.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold us and our partners, attorneys, staff and affiliates (collectively, "Affiliated Parties") harmless from any liability, loss, claim and expense, including reasonable attorney's fees, related to your violation of this Agreement or use of the Site


Any password or information provided to you is your property and you should guard against it. Any information or document obtained from the site is not transferable and may only be used by you and no third party


The information from or through the site are provided "as-is," "as available," and all warranties, express or implied, are disclaimed (including but not limited to the disclaimer of any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose). The information and services may contain bugs, errors, problems or other limitations. We and our affiliated parties have no liability whatsoever for your use of any information or service. in particular, but not as a limitation, we and our affiliated parties are not liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including damages for loss of business, loss of profits, litigation, or the like), whether based on breach of contract, breach of warranty, tort (including negligence), product liability or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damages. The negations of damages set forth above are fundamental elements of the basis of the bargain between us. This site and the information would not be provided without such limitations. No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from us through the site shall create any warranty, representation or guarantee not expressly stated in this agreement.


Ampower Outsourcing will not be responsible or liable for any damages incurred due to malwares or viruses within the electronic file containing the form or document as they are all disclaimed. We pay no liability to you for any supplementary, unusual or significant damages of any kind that may result from the use of or due to the lack of inability to use our site. Our maximum legal responsibility to you in any circumstances will be equal to the buying price you pay for any goods, services, features or information purchased through our company.

Providing contact information

You are prohibited from making direct contact with another User outside of Ampower Outsourcing.com. This includes giving out your e-mail address, Skype ID, ICQ number, phone number, or any other method of contact outside of this site. Ampower Outsourcing.com provides you with public board and email facility, which should be sufficient for project planning and communication with other Users unless Ampower Outsourcing.com intentionally provides such contact information through a feature or function.

Third-Party Services

We allow access to or advertise third-party merchant sites ("Merchants") from which you may purchase or otherwise obtain certain goods or services. You understand that we do not operate or control the products or services offered by Merchants. Merchants are responsible for all aspects of order processing, fulfillment, billing and customer service. We are not a party to the transactions entered into between you and Merchants. You agree that use of such merchants is at your sole risk and is without warranties of any kind by us, expressed, implied or otherwise including warranties of title, fitness for purpose, merchantability or non-infringement under no circumstances are we liable for any damages arising from the transactions between you and merchants or for any information appearing on merchant sites or any other site linked to our site.

Third-Party Merchant Policies

All rules, policies (including privacy policies) and operating procedures of Merchants will apply to you while on such sites. We are not responsible for information provided by you to Merchants. We and the Merchants are independent contractors and neither party has authority to make any representations or commitments on behalf of the other.


Before purchasing any product or feature from our merchants, you should consider the underneath mentioned points:

  1. Any credit card information provided by should be accurate, true and complete
  2. The charges experienced by you will be privileged by your credit card company, and
  3. You will pay the charges incurred by you at the posted prices, including any fees or applicable taxes.

Security Laws

This Site may include statements concerning our operations, prospects, strategies, financial condition, future economic performance and demand for our products or services, as well as our intentions, plans and objectives that are forward-looking statements. These statements are based upon a number of assumptions and estimates which are subject to significant uncertainties, many of which are beyond our control. When used on our Site, words like "anticipates," "expects," "believes," "estimates," "seeks," "plans," "intends" and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements designed to fall within securities law safe harbors for forward-looking statements. The Site and the information contained herein do not constitute an offer or a solicitation of an offer for sale of any securities. None of the information contained herein is intended to be, and shall not be deemed to be, incorporated into any of our securities-related filings or documents.

Links to Other Web Sites

Our site may contain links to many other external websites. We will not be responsible for the material, images or any opinions expressed in such websites. These websites are not monitored or governed by Ampower Outsourcing.com and has no link to how these sites go on with their business. So after visiting those sites if you make up your mind to leave our Site and access these third-party sites, you do so at your own risk.

Venue; Applicable Law

You agree that all actions or proceedings arising directly or indirectly out of this agreement, or your use of the site or any samples or products obtained by you through such use, shall be litigated in the circuit court of Pennsylvania, USA or the United States district court for the district of Delaware. You are expressly submitting and consenting in advance to such jurisdiction in any action or proceeding in any of such courts, and are waiving any claim that Wilmington, Delaware or the district of Delaware is an inconvenient forum or an improper forum based on lack of venue. This site is created and controlled by Ampower Outsourcing, a wholly owned subsidiary of in the state of Delaware, USA. As such, the laws of Delaware will govern the terms and conditions contained in this agreement and elsewhere throughout the site, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of laws.

Verify Members' Address

Ampower Outsourcing reserves the right to contact a Member via email to verify the accuracy of account information including the Member's correct name and address that is needed to provide the Member with the information he or she requested from Ampower Outsourcing.

Expert Usage of site

  1. Expert will not mislead clients to believe that he or she can provide a service which is outside Expert's fields of expertise;
  2. All interactions between Expert and client will be billed through Ampower Outsourcing.com regardless if the interaction is online or offline. Expert agrees to abide by the pricing terms agreed upon with clients while utilizing Ampower Outsourcing.com.
  3. All contact between experts and clients through the Ampower Outsourcing platform must be conducted only through the Ampower Outsourcing platform. Exchange of personal contact information is strictly prohibited. Any exchange of contact information or communication outside of the Ampower Outsourcing platform, whether via personal email, phone, in person or any other means, is strictly prohibited and is a violation of this Agreement. In the event Ampower Outsourcing suspects or determines any such unauthorized contact, Ampower Outsourcing authorities reserve the right to withhold payments, levy fines, and/or suspend or terminate service in its sole and absolute discretion.
  4. Expert will not upload post, e-mail, transmit or otherwise make available. Any information or material that infringes a third party right, especially copyright or other intellectual property rights, any third party advertisements, including banner exchange services.
  5. Expert will not impersonate any person or entity, or make any false statement regarding Expert's employment, agency or affiliation with any person or entity.
  6. Expert will not stalk, threaten or harass clients or other Experts or invade or attempt to invade their privacy.
  7. Expert will not violate, or aid or abet the violation of, any applicable local, state, national or international law, statute, ordinance, rule, regulation or ethical code;
  8. Expert will not engage in conduct that is harmful, unethical, fraudulent, deceptive or offensive
  9. Expert will not disclose any information that was provided to Expert by a client and will use his or her best efforts to guard client's privacy.
  10. Expert agrees to comply with all applicable laws regarding use of this Site. Expert may not use this Site to solicit the performance of any illegal activity or other activity which infringes the rights of Ampower Outsourcing or others.
  11. The Connection Fee and Ampower Outsourcing Commission will be deducted from any Expert Fees or other payment that will be received by Solution inn and credited to the Expert's account immediately upon receipt of such payment. Within thirty (30) days following the end of each month, Ampower Outsourcing will deliver payment to Expert as follows: the Expert Fees actually received by Ampower Outsourcing in the prior month less the applicable However, if the payment to Expert for any given month would be less than $50, Ampower Outsourcing may hold such payment to Expert until the amount due is equal to or exceeds $50.
  12. The main purpose of Ampower Outsourcing is to provide a platform for registered Experts to provide clients with advice that they seek. Experts and Clients can negotiate and enter into a contract for advice. Ampower Outsourcing does not screen or edit the content of communications between Experts and Clients, but may screen, copy, transmit and review all communications conducted by or through our platform for technical support and/or in order to uphold the terms of this Agreement. Such communications are confidential, personal and private unless both the client and the Expert agree to other distribution, for example, by posting questions or services on the Public Board. All communications between Experts and clients are NOT encrypted and thus may be subject to unauthorized interception and monitoring.
  13. Ampower Outsourcing makes a Public Board available to its Experts and Clients. The Public Board allows Clients to post questions or service requests that can be viewed by all Experts. Requests may be posted anonymously. Clients can designate the length of time they wish to have their question remain "in view" on the public board. All postings, descriptions, etc. are public until a client enters into a personal negotiation with an Expert. All subsequent communications between the Client and Expert, including both the negotiation phase and the actual relaying of service, are not available to other Clients and are confidential between the Expert and clients.
  14. Expert agrees that Ampower Outsourcing shall not be liable to Expert or any third party for any modification or discontinuance to Ampower Outsourcing.com services, or for any losses or damages that may result to Expert or his or her Clients from such discontinuation or interruption of service. Ampower Outsourcing.com services depend upon different factors such as: software, hardware and communications networks of Ampower Outsourcing, its contractors and suppliers. Hence, Ampower Outsourcing cannot guarantee that Ampower Outsourcing.com will not be interrupted, or that it will be timely, secure or error-free.
  15. Expert may terminate their Agreement with Ampower Outsourcing at any time by sending a signed notice to Ampower Outsourcing via mail.

Account Suspension and Termination

Ampower Outsourcing expert and clients account can be temporarily suspended or permanently terminated if they dont compliance with the companys terms and policies. Reasons for suspension and termination are stated below:

  1. If the clients provide their personal information to the experts, their account will be suspended. Ampower Outsourcing is a channel through which all the clients and experts should communicate with each other and any client seeing violating this policy will have to face strict action in the form of account suspension.
  2. If the expert provides personal information to its clients in the form of number, email, address or account detail, their Ampower Outsourcing account will be terminated without further notification. This is an intolerable policy on behalf of Ampower Outsourcing and any expert caught mishandling this platform will be accounted for their actions.
  3. Abusive and foul language is used either while chatting or while communicating with the client or expert via the mailbox provided for inter communication between the concerned personals.
  4. If an experts work is refunded on consecutive basis by the client on five successive occasions, a warning will be issued to the expert regarding the ongoing situation and if the same procedure is repeated, the account can be suspended or terminated depending upon the seriousness of the condition.
  5. If the disputed sessions are not taken into account on five successive occasions, the experts account will be terminated and will not be allowed to originate as an expert again on the Ampower Outsourcing platform.
  6. If an expert is found using two different accounts for the purpose of gaining more work, the experts account will be permanently terminated without further notice.
  7. If the expert or client is found using slandering information regarding Ampower Outsourcing, their accounts will be terminated and they will not be allowed to rejoin neither as a client nor as an expert.

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